Inside Man Paul McGuigan
Dracula The Rules of the Beast Jonny Campbell
Dracula The Dark Compass Paul McGuigan
Electric Dreams Impossible Planet David Farr
Informer Jonny Campbell
Years & Years Simon Cellan Jones
My Mother and Other Strangers Adrian Shergold
The Last Post Jonny Campbell
The Making of a Lady Richard Curson Smith
The Casual Vacancy Jonny Campbell
Lucan Adrian Shergold
DR Who Jonny Campbell
Appropriate Adult Julian Jarrold
Eric and Ernie
In The Flesh 1 Jonny Campbell.
In The Flesh Series 2 Damon Thoms Jim O'Hanlon
The Trials of Jimmy Rose Adrian Shergold
Mad Dogs 4 Adrian Shergold
Good Cop Sam Miller
Mad Dogs Series 1 Adrian Shergold
Worried About The Boy Julian Jarrold
Clapham Junction Adrian Shergold
Wired Kenny Glenaan
Eternal Law Adrian Shergold & Jamie Payne
Generation Kill 2nd Unit DoP/Director
Giddy Kipper Victoria Wood